CARS an acronym that helps you find out if websites you are using for research are true to the information they are telling you. Not all websites are totally legit. That is why you use the CARS acronym. Each letter stands for a different word. Using the acronyms, you can remember what it stands for.

The first letter C stands for Creditbility. Creditbility is the reliabiltity of the source of the information. You need to make sure on websites you use for research that the person who posted the information actually knows what they’re talking about. There are a lot of fraud people in the world that will post totally false information on the internet and many people that arn’t smart will use it and have false information on an important report.

The second letter in CARS A, stands for accuracy. When you are looking for information you want to make sure that is is recent informtion. In order to make sure your getting up to date information, you should check to see when the website was last updated, in order to ensure that the information you are getting is accurate and up to date.

The third letter, R,  stands for reasonableness. You need to make sure that the information you are reading sounds full and complete and actually makes sense.  If an article has about two or three sentences on the topic, chances are, the information might not be accurate.

The final letter, S, stands for support. Chances are that if the website has links to other sources, than the information is legit because it has other websites backing up the information. Websites have good information if they have other sources and links that have information similar to theirs.

Finally,  some bonus tips that you may want to know about if you see a new website. Check the author, to make sure that they are a normal person and not a fraud. Also, check the last time the website was updated to make sure you have current information. Last, check if there are other links in the website that have information similar to theirs. Using all these skills, I hope you find accurate information!! 🙂

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